We Can’t Become Them

Here’s the thing….
Not every white person voted for Trump. Many of them united with us and voted for a candidate, that despite her flaws,
was still on board with protecting a majority of Americans. I just want to acknowledge that, and affirm that, and say thank you. As I had explained to my sister, the day after the election, I experienced a much more amplified sense of otherness. As a queer person of color, knowing that Trump had been elected president had an immediate effect on my sense of being. I stopped by the gas station that morning and saw a
white person pumping gas and the first thing I wondered was, “Did you
vote for Donald Trump?” I cried on my way to work because I
don’t want to be that kind of person. The kind of person that falls for their own fears and anxieties and begins to self-harm by imagining the world is out to get them. I don’t want to be the kind of person whose faith is so weak that the only way we can understand it and feel it is by demanding that others affirm it through every aspect of their existence. The kind of person that can be tricked and convinced of anything that will affirm their fears and beliefs, especially by those who offer an escape from a threat that is not really there and yet so easily perceived.

12 Minutes Past 10:08PM (Election Day)

That is why I had to shift my perspective to remember
that I have plenty of white people that I have loved, that I have held,
that I call my brothers and sisters, that have I have learned from, that
have formed part of my family tree, and that will continue to be
integral parts of my world. We need to keep walking on this path
together, learn where we can make in roads, and assure that we protect
one another from those who wish us harm. There will be many dark moments
in the next few years and some of them are already rearing their ugly
heads. We must continue to yearn for peace, equity, and love, but never
at the cost of suicidal passivity. But if we are to redirect the
ideological machine that got Trump elected, we cannot do so with a
strategy that will get us caught in it’s gears. We must not become them.

Bernardo Diaz | #bdOther ©bernardodiaz2021
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