A Bit On Process - 1

As an artist, I know when it’s time to move on to a new body of work when the current series I’m working on feels like a gimmick. It begins to feel like a gimmick when I have mastered the rules I’ve created to govern the series I’m working on. The gimmick tends to make the work less enjoyable. Art-making has always been a source of learning for me and it’s hard to learn new things from processes or approaches to making that I’ve already mastered. Later, as I’m working on another series, that possess or are governed by a different set of parameters, I bring in elements from the previous series to see how it may or may not affect the new body of work. It’s always a process of hybridization. Once that begins to feel like a gimmick again, I move on to the next series. Often, I jump between various mediums or disciplines; usually between drawing and painting, as well as analog and digital modalities. I’ve also been thinking a lot about sound and other time-based media. I’m also thinking of socially-engaged projects, but those have to manifest themselves in a more organic matter that doesn’t feel contrived or artificial. Sometimes there are pauses between each series that last a few weeks or months. I engage with other things I enjoy in that down period. Reading, writing, listening to music, looking at other people’s artwork, learning new skills like cooking or sewing,…etc. These things let me “forget” the work a bit and provide a source of new directions the work may go in. I still engage in making, but making during these periods of rest involves experimentation with materiality and conceptual development. I don’t focus so much on a cohesive body of work.

Bernardo Diaz | #bdOther ©bernardodiaz2021
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